FORGET COLD CALLS: Digital Marketing is Now Established

3 Reasons B2B Digital Transformation Is Here To Stay
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The cold call is officially dead. You’ve heard it before. It’s official. Data proves it. 97% of cold calls are ineffective.

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Shooting digital marketing is here to stay.  #Marketing #digital #socialmedia

50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have [Infographic]

Having a strong web presence is mandatory, even for small businesses just starting out.

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Creating a Website that promotes your business is key to success. The features mentioned in this article … should help anyone want to brand themselves as experts in the business. 

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Need Content Help?

One way content writers provide content is via  Storify for their Blog’s.  I personally have not used Storify, but decided to provide information on this application because many have found it to be very useful.

On the other hand I have used and have found it to be very useful in finding additional content. Both are worth one taking the time to review them and seeing if they are a fit for you and your blog.

Check out the links for both content applications.


Amazing Text to Photo’s for mobile phones

I was watching Your Business show that always shares great information related to growing your business.  Today sharing two great apps for mobile devices that I want to share with everyone after having used them. The first Retype which provide an opportunity to add text to a photo of your choice and post to social media on the spot. I found it excellent for posting today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.   8-19-2017 2-53-43 PMThis is the image I added text too and posted to various social media platforms using the app on the fly. I was so impressed I wanted to share it with your for creating a great looking post to share with your followers.

The second app is Aviary which is similar except you are able to edit photos, add text, and share with social media on the fly as well.  Take the time to see what you think and let me know — would love everyone’s input.


Best Practices for Blogging & Twitting


In 2017 you have a blog, you want to make an impact in the on-line world, but your blog is just floating in cyber space, the question you ask yourself what did I do wrong?  First set into motion the best practices for a blog.

  1. Select the best foundation, ask yourself if you are a social network enthusiast if yes, what is the appropriate format for that type of blog or do you wish to take your blog to the next level then maybe WordPress is a better option.
  2. When developing content that is engaging do not compromise the quality, it should be relevant carrying value to the consumer. Use language, vocabulary and writing Content style that suites the target audience and your business. Remember content is the primary contributing factor of blogging success, ensure you start with a strong introduction and conclusion. It is important to decide what you want the reader to do after reading you blog post (a call to action).
  3. Use titles and headlines on large blocks of text to create a hierarchy within the blog and above all avoid grammatical and spelling errors.
  4. Place each post in a relevant category on your blog, tag the blog post with relevant terms to assist in guiding readers.
  5. All post should have links – internal links related to the post, links should help learn more about the content of the post.
  6. Search engines like Google do not like duplicated content, plagiarism is just bad be original and unique.
  7. Employ a better user experience this can make all the difference in the world as to whether your blog is a failure or success.
  8. Keep up with the latest changes and blog trends, doing this would maximize your blog becoming a success.
  9. Do not undervalue the subscriber list.
  10. Speak to your followers – provide topics that are of interest to them
  11. Take advantage of the ton of advertising options available.
  12. Develop communication channels with your readers on Twitter and Facebook, it should not be a surprise that blog owners who communicate fare better than those who do not.

When establishing communication channels via Twitter here are some best practices to help spark engaging conversations and keep your audience’s attention.

  1. Always keep it short. Be concise it will make a greater impact with a Simple Handle
  2. Keep your twitter goals upper most in mind
  3. Connect with retweets and replies.
  4. Use relevant hashtags
  5. Link in bios
  6. Use keywords and geolocations
  7. Be visual — use visual aids in Tweets to optimize your tweets
  8. Pin Tweets and promote your tweets across networks
  9. Monitoring  — tracking industry products
  10. Follow Industry leaders
  11. Add authors from highly shared articles
  12. Use Buzz-sumo to find industry leaders
  13. Engagement – tweet three people a day
  14. Post 3-5 times a day for a month and join twitter chats
  15. Schedule tweets
  16. Above all DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS

The above list for a blog and twitter it is important for both that a social media calendar is maintained, that you keep track of social media analytics to provide detailed insight on all your post.

It is also important to yield or follow the social media polices and guidelines set forth by the individual essential oil companies and the directives of the FDA to ensure all policies are compliant in ones endeavors to promote a following by provide truthful information.

This is the last post of this series of social media tools for the essential oil industry. I hope you have enjoyed the series and stay tuned to the next series starting the last week of August, 2017. Stay Tuned.

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Social Marketing Brands and Risk

The question I must define as a Wellness Advocate is should I take the brand of essential oil via social media?  What happens if I do? Taking the essential oil company associated with in the essential industry, as a wellness advocate I first should determine it the company has certain policies in place.  Many major essential oil companies have developed policy’s & guidelines on traditional marketing and using social media, both compliance directives from the company. Many companies have established best practices that their wellness advocates must comply in their effort in developing a network.

Some of the specific guidelines determine the use of logo’s, company name, and images appropriate to use in their marking and social media promotional involvement.  The companies in the industry must include the appropriate language to use to guarantee that the company is following the FDA Standards.

Complying with the FDA directives is crucial to managing risk to the essential oil company.  The company can have products pulled off the market or the company closed if they are not compliant with the FDA Standards. Meeting these major directives, policies and guidelines from the essential oil companies can be a challenge and a significant risk to the individual Wellness Advocates.  Wellness Advocates are at risk losing bonus, commission, and complete removal from the company if there is non-compliance. It is imperative that an advocate is familiar with all policies, completely understanding the importance of ensuring their implementation during all marketing and social media activities.

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Winning Applications For growing your business and followers

Amplify Hootsuite

A great tool for expanding business on-line.  Amplify enables an entire organization or 7-22-2017 1-35-30 PMcompany to become Brand Advocates through social media, creating strong customer relationships. It provides personnel or an entrepreneur with a social media application access to unique content created by the essential oil company which aids in the promotion of products and sale of the products.  View the  example.

7-22-2017 5-57-56 PM

In review Leadtrain, I found it to be very similar to Hoot Suite, there are however some differences. They include a data base for contact information, approval of content information related to the company to ensure it meets their advertising standards, a library of thousands of photos and videos.  Leadtrain allows customer profiling for better management, event invitations, allowing one to post to major social media, and allows one to share post for future use as their own. You can email from the application as well as have a contact progress through the marketing stages through email, text, and much more.

 Share Success Pro

Share Success Pro, 7-22-2017 6-10-21 PMis the personal follow up assistant, created to make you a rockstar. One can self-assured that allows one to successfully set the pace and effectively build a team, and guide prospects, while educating customers on the benefits of using the products they may want to or have purchased. The app is always thinking several steps ahead, guiding your contacts to the next point in their dōTERRA journey. It’s about getting bottles of essential oil emptied, repurchased and helping every contact in your list gain knowledge, more of the essential oil experience!

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